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Как оформить текст Word в двуязычном формате


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

How to find Chinese characters in MS Word


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Infix vs. Word


Will you agree that translating a PDF using translation memories remains quite a controversial challenge even when we have superpower SDL Studio, MemoQ, SmartCAT and others that can handle such type of files? Both editable and non-editable. The output quality often leaves much to be desired. It is quite difficult to format the translated text Read more…

How to number pages in MS Word in 5 simple steps


Another issue I would like to write about is numbering pages in MS Word. You seem to remember where the Insert page number button is located but every time when formatting your translations, certain difficulties arise, either the number persists on the cover page and won’t go, or odd and even pages are numbered similarly, Read more…

Breaks. How to change orientation of certain pages in a document


I remember back in 2001 when I started working with Word (Do you remember Pentium 486 and Office 97? We did not have any CATs then and had to translate everything manually simply retyping the text in Russian), I had questions as to what to do with documents with different page layout. That was quite Read more…

How to create a Table of Contents in a translated file


One day one of my fellow translators came over to me asking to help him with a table of contents. After a couple of questions, it was clear he was working on an OCR-ed file. The problem is that TOC in such files is a plain text and in order to set the page number Read more…

How to fit a text box in a congested picture environment


Quite often nowadays, I have to translate pictures. For this purpose, I use text boxes covering the original drawing, which is quite effective. At least it is better sometimes than to translate them in a graphic editor like Photoshop or Gimp. If the picture however is congested with graphics it becomes quite problematic to fit Read more…

How to fix text boxes and pictures together in a translated text


Very often, I have to translate texts with pictures, diagrams and various sketches. Sometimes such objects can be done in Visio externally or internally (if they had been created using this software originally). If you happen to have Viso installed on your computer, then translating such diagrams will be of no problem. However, much more Read more…

How to update cross-links in a Word file after translation


Did you ever encounter to have untranslated internal cross-links in the middle of the text after translating with Studio or any other CAT tool that you did not know what to do about? For me it has always been frustrating as I did know either. When working in Studio such text appears as tags that Read more…

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File preparation

How to convert pdf files for translation in CAT tools


Well, since CAT tools are becoming more and more indispensable in translation business reducing translation time and improving general translation quality so, my first post here I decided to write about preparing PDF files for translation in any of the CAT tools such as SDL Trados or MemoQ. There are basically two types of PDFs: Read more…

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