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How to fit a text box in a congested picture environment


Quite often nowadays, I have to translate pictures. For this purpose, I use text boxes covering the original drawing, which is quite effective. At least it is better sometimes than to translate them in a graphic editor like Photoshop or Gimp. If the picture however is congested with graphics it becomes quite problematic to fit Read more…

How to make up a translation memory using translated documents


Any CAT tool is only good as long as you have a translation memory on hand. There are basically two ways of creating one. You can either make it up as you translate a new document hoping to use it later on for potential projects or you may create it with special software using previously Read more…

Tracking time


Dealing with PDF files may be associated with another problem of charging the right amount to a client. In translation business number of words in a source file is considered to be a very common basis for invoicing. Such functionality is provided by most of the CATs, including Trados, MemoQ and the rest. So, that Read more…