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How to connect TMX file to your Studio project


TMX is an international translation memory exchange format that can be used if your client has a different CAT and sends you such files. It may be challenging at first sight but in fact there is nothing difficult.

In order to connect a TMX file that you received from your client you need to perform 9 easy steps:

1)      After pressing Open document at the SDL Studio 2011 starting page, you have the following view:

How to import TMX into SDL Studio 2011 translation memory

A TMX file is intended for import to the already available TM, therefore if you have a TM for the project then press Add and select the file that client had sent to you and go to step 7.

If the TM is not available, it needs to be created. Press Create and select New File-Based Translation Memory. The following window should open:

2)      Specify a name and TM location.

How to identify TM name and location

Here we specify the name of your translation memory and its location.

3)      Press Next.

Import TMX into Sdl Studio 2011TM_Press Next

Nothing to change here.

4)      Press Finish

Nothing to change here either.

5)      That is what we should have in the end:

In the bottom window you should see the TM you created or added. The press Import.

6)      How to import TMX into your existing TM

SDL Studio 2011_How to import TMX

Select your TMX for import. Press Add files. You can select several TMs at a time.

7)      Press Next

Nothing to change here, just press Next

In the end you will have the same window as in Step 5. Press OK and start translating.

Need to say that procedure has become even more simple in SDL Studio 2014. We will review in the future blog posts. Stay tuned.

Did you experience any problems with connecting TMX into your TMs? Was this blog post helpful to you? Please let me know what you think.

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