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How to translate Memsource files in SDL Studio


The Memsource files can be easily translated in SDL Studio, if you can work with them offline. However, some minor settings are required in Studio.

1) Open File

2) Go to Options

3) Select File Types – XLIFF

In the right-hand pane find File Dialog Wildcard Expression.

After the specified file extensions put a semi-colon and add the Memsource file extension “*.mxliff” (without quote marks).

There is a Browse and Preview buttons at the bottom of the window that let you see what the file will look like in SDL Studio.

4) Make sure that Add Segmentation Information to the Translated File is ticked off in the right-hand pane of Settings option.

I do not quite understand why this capability is not built in such a complicated tool as SDL Studio by default. Hopefully it will be incorporated in the next versions.

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