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How to translate several files in SDL Studio


A lot of translators know how to translate a single document in SDL Studio. However, what would you do if you have several documents on the same subject from the same client? The best solution will be to create a project. This way you will not have to select a TM and a termbase every time.

Several easy steps.

1. Open SDL Studio.

Press New Project.

2. Choose template

Here you can choose an earlier saved template. I will explain later. For now press Next.

SDL Project_2

3. Name and location

Here you have to select the name and location of your SDL project folder.

SDL Project_3

4. Project languages

Here you have to set up the project languages. The source language comes at the top. Below you have to select the target language from the drop-down list. Press Next.

SDL Project_4

5. Files

Here come our working files. If there a lot of files in different folders you can add the folder. Press Next.

SDL Project_5

6. Translation memory

Here you add a translation memory to which you save your segments and from which you extract ones. Therefore press the relevant button. I wrote before how to connect TMX memory to the project.

SDL Project_6

There is an excellent feature in SDL Studio 2015 now to hook up translation memories with various language pairs, i.e. both English-Russian and Russian-English and translation memories with different language locales, that means American English may be used along with British English in the same project. For this select AnyTM file-based TM after you press Add.

SDL Project_6a

7. Glossary

At this stage, you can add a glossary to your project. Press Add.

SDL Project_7

After that press Browse, find your Multiterm base. Press OK.

SDL Project_8a

When the glossary is displayed in the window above, press Next.

8. Project TM

At the next step, SDL Studio offers to use either project TM or main TM to prepare the files. This is a tricky thing actually. Project TM will contain the segments of the document you are working on at the moment. Any other segments will remain in the main TM. However, in order to avoid confusion, just select Prepare without Project TM. This way your translation will be recorded straight in the main TM.

SDL Project_9

9. Batch processing settings

Here you can change the batch processing settings. You can check out what settings the program offers. For example, ticking the Report cross-file repetitions, you will be able to count the repetitions in the files. If you do not do the word counting, you can just press Next.

SDL Project_010

10. Project Summary

Here the program offers to check all the settings you have made before.

Press Finish.

SDL Project_011

11. Template

In the end, Studio offers to save the project template. I would recommend saving it, not to set up a project again next time you receive the files from the same client.


Good luck. Next time I will write how to save and export ready files.

Please comment if this post was useful.

Here you can choose an earlier saved template. I will explain later. For now press Next.

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