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Team Translation


I have been thinking of translating big files or a project jointly by a team forlong time. Cloud solutions aregood butI wanted something cheaper as my team is not that huge, we do not have a lot of huge projects, therefore it is not feasible to pay annual fees. The Paul Filkin’s article on using Read more…

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Shared Work Translator tricks

Infix vs. Word


Will you agree that translating a PDF using translation memories remains quite a controversial challenge even when we have superpower SDL Studio, MemoQ, SmartCAT and others that can handle such type of files? Both editable and non-editable. The output quality often leaves much to be desired. It is quite difficult to format the translated text Read more…

How to export files from SDL Studio


The previous post was about creating a project in SDL Studio to work with several files. After the translation is done, it will have to be exported from the Studio and delivered to the Client in the original format. Depending on what your client requires, you can export the ready file in the original format Read more…

How to translate several files in SDL Studio


A lot of translators know how to translate a single document in SDL Studio. However, what would you do if you have several documents on the same subject from the same client? The best solution will be to create a project. This way you will not have to select a TM and a termbase every Read more…

How to connect TMX file to your Studio project


TMX is an international translation memory exchange format that can be used if your client has a different CAT and sends you such files. It may be challenging at first sight but in fact there is nothing difficult. In order to connect a TMX file that you received from your client you need to perform Read more…

How to update cross-links in a Word file after translation


Did you ever encounter to have untranslated internal cross-links in the middle of the text after translating with Studio or any other CAT tool that you did not know what to do about? For me it has always been frustrating as I did know either. When working in Studio such text appears as tags that Read more…

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File preparation